Co nového je v poslední verzi?

Avant Browser 2011 build 18(Internal Version Number:, Released 5.27.2011

  • [Fix]Buttons display problem in the Print Preview window(link)
  • [Fix]Being unable to enter text in the input fields.(link1/link2/link3)
  • [Fix]Double clicking on a download link caused the Avant Downloader to freeze.(link)
  • [Fix]Other minor problems regarding Avant Downloader(link)
  • [Fix]The Task window of Avant downloader kept going to the second monitor.(link)
  • [Fix]The ftp parameter error in the registry(link)
  • [Fix]The rendering problem of Avant Browser USB version in XP/IE6
  • [Fix]Even though Avant Downloader was disabled the third downloader failed to take over the task.(link)
  • [Fix]Middle mouse button stopped working while reading pdf files with Adobe Reader 9.4.4.(link)
  • [Change]Keep the drop-download list open during editing the entries.(link)
  • [Change]Fix the rightmost position of the splitting line of the Split View.
  • [Change]New mouse gesture trail.(link)

Avant Browser 2011 build 16(Internal Version Number:, Released 5.17.2011

  • [Add]Compability with IE9,faster than Chrome with IE9
  • [Add]Built-in Downloader
  • [Add]Download FLV video files
  • [Add]New browser:home and Speed Dial page
  • [Add]Split View feature
  • [Add]Detach tabs to seperate windows
  • [Add]Fixed Tab Width feature in the non-split view
  • [Add]windows 7's Taskbar Thumbnails Preview
  • [Add]New transparent interface compatible with windows Aero
  • [Add]New Auto-Complete list for address-bar
  • [Add]Customizable Profile Folder Location
  • [Add]Built-in Online/Local picture browser
  • [Add]Option to Avant Browser Options:"Open all links in this folder" for autofill
  • [Add]Option to show or hide 100% icon in "Customize Buttons..."
  • [Add]Option to disable/enable Online Storage button
  • [Add]The button to set browser:home as the home page
  • [Add]Option:Miscellaneious->Show tab thumbnail preview for task bar button if supported
  • [Add]Option:Miscellaneious->Show Tab Title on Task Bar Button in Compact View
  • [Add]Option:Miscellaneious->Enable Download Video(s)
  • [Add]Tabs mouse gesture:Duplicate
  • [Improve]Memory releasing strategy
  • [Fix]logmein unusable in Avant Browser 2010
  • [Fix]Input application is screened by the search/address bar drop-download list.
  • [Fix]Toolbar moved itself after switching back from Full Desktop.
  • [Fix]AD Blocker screened images.
  • [Fix]Not showing Javascript error in IFrame
  • [Fix]The display problem in Avant Browser options

Avant Browser 2010 Build 131(Internal Version Number:, Released 3.16.2011

  • [Fix]Blank space problem in some lenovo laptops. (details)
  • [Fix]The unfocused tab can't be closed by directly clicking the close tab button. (details)
  • [Fix]Logging out automatically on sites with windows authentication and basic authentication. (details)
  • [Fix]Avant Browser keeps notifying to input username/password of the predefined proxy after relaunch. (details)
  • [Fix]Inputting Firefox bookmarks failed. (details)
  • [Fix]Saving images via floating toolbar failed on XP. (details)
  • [Fix]Toolbars move after Full Screen . (details)
  • [Fix]Windows Taskbar sticks to the desktop in Full Screen.
  • [Fix]The option "Enable to mouse wheel to switch tabs" didn't work in Full Screen/Full Desktop.

Avant Browser 2010 Build 130(Internal Version Number:, Released 1.26.2011

  • [Fix]Automatically logging out. (details)

Avant Browser 2010 Build 129(Internal Version Number:, Released 1.25.2011

  • [Fix]Use IE favorites as bookmarks checked, clicking the blue button aside the bookmark didn't open the item in new tab.
  • [Fix]The cursor didn't move along with the tab window. (details)
  • [Fix]Code error for French interface(details)
  • [Fix]IeSpell toolbar button didn't work with Avant Browser
  • [Fix]IE downloader exited along with Avant Browser(details)
  • [Fix]In some case the file extension was lost after saving Current Page as Image.

Avant Browser 2010 Build 128(Internal Version Number:, Released 12.21.2010

  • [Fix]Connecting to Internet failed on machines with ThreatFire installed(details)
  • [Fix]Losing focus problem (details)
  • [Fix]Sometimes shortcuts don’t work when with roboform toolbar enabled (details)
  • [Fix]Blank bar appeared when you switch to and out of the full screen/desktop mode

Avant Browser 2010 Build 127(Internal Version Number:, Released 12.13.2010

Avant Browser 2010 Build 126(Internal Version Number:, Released 12.3.2010

  • [Fix]Open in New Window opened about:blank(details)
  • [Fix]Save As dialog didn't open when choose to save a picture via Floating Tool Bar(details).
  • [Fix]Some errors related to Auto-Scroll feature
  • [Fix]Immediately inputting url failed after creating a new tab
  • [Fix]Newly created tabs wasn't consistent with the predefined zoom size on Xp/IE6
  • [Fix]Windows in the background popped up to the foreground in some case
  • [Fix]In some case the title bar didn't keep changing with the page content(445).
  • [Fix]Search Bar in browser:home didn't work(444)
  • [Fix]ctrl+shift+left click error when setting to open links in foreground(details)
  • [Fix]Clearing Recent Closed Pages failed via AB Options->Clear Records->Recent Closed Tabs(440)
  • [Fix]Some errors related to javascript
  • [Fix]Avant kept saving pictures to the system default folder every time loading tabs into a new process
  • [Add]Three shortcuts: File->Save Screen As Image(Shift+Ctrl+S), Save Current Page as Image(Shift+Ctrl+A),Save Selected Region as Image(Shift+Ctrl+Q)

Avant Browser 2010 Build 123(Internal Version Number:, Released 10.25.2010

  • [Fix]Two AB icons appeared in the alt-tab window with Roboform Toobar enabled(395).
  • [Fix]Win+arrow didn't work when foucs was on Avant's page window(417).
  • [Fix]Win+arrow didn't work when Avant was first opened(418) .
  • [Fix]Re-enabled Ctrl + shift + left click to open a link in background(438).
  • [Fix]Tab bar showed incomplete titles in some cases.
  • [Fix]Refreshing didn't work for loading failed pages.
  • [Fix]Toolbars still showed unlocked though Lock the Toolbars options was already checked(Problem here).
  • [Fix]Backup Profile feature didn't backup some configurations(Problem here).
  • [Fix]In some cases the input field in a page lost focus when switching back from other applications(422).
  • [Fix]Address Bar lost focus when switching back from other applications.
  • [Fix]Scroll Bar changed position when switching back from other tabs.
  • [Fix]Exiting Avant Browser caused the download window to close(424).

Avant Browser 2010 Build 122(Internal Version Number:, Released 9.15.2010

  • [Fix]A blank line may appear while closing current tab.
  • [Fix]Alt shortcut bugs(Problem here).

Avant Browser 2010 Build 120(Internal Version Number:, Released 9.13.2010

  • [Fix]Content window may permanently stick to one spot but not follow the main window while dragging and moving the browser around(Problem here).
  • [Fix]Pressing Alt made the input filed of a page lose its focus(421).
  • [Fix]Sometimes Address box cannot obtain focus when creating new tabs(Problem here).

Avant Browser 2010 Build 119(Internal Version Number:, Released 9.10.2010

  • [Fix]A potential problem which could cause the browser to freeze
  • [Fix]Pages fail to load on Win XP
  • [Fix]Saved Link in Autofill opens with blank page(420)
  • [Fix]Avant keeps notifying to save autofill information for some sites(415)

Avant Browser 2010 Build 118(Internal Version Number:, Released 9.6.2010

  • [Fix]The Roboform Toolbar kept flashing when the mouse was hovering over the Toolbar area in full screen/desktop mode(414)
  • [Fix]Roboform Toolbar went beyond the browser while adjusting the window size
  • [Fix]Loading problem for this site:

Avant Browser 2010 Build 116(Internal Version Number:, Released 8.31.2010

  • Fixed a bug of thread management which may make Avant instable
  • Fixed a bug of UI after restore from system tray
  • Fixed the bug that Save Screen as Image can't include IE toolbars

Avant Browser 2010 Build 112(Internal Version Number:, Released 8.27.2010

  • [Fix]Still cookies problem
  • [Fix]Crashing problem caused by the fix for the dim toolbar issue on Windows 7
  • [Fix]The page messed up when you minimized and maximized the browser under Full Screen/Desktop mode